Japanese Mini Museum

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Yamanashi, Japan   Tasha Tudor Mini-Museum 

Longtime Tudor family colleagues, Masako Meshino and Hayao Izuhara opened a small museum dedicated to Tasha in Yamanashi, Japan.  Visitors are fascinated by the story of the settle chair being a replica of Tasha’s favorite and having been made by Tasha’s son Seth especially for this museum.  Mrs. Meshino, translator, and Mr. Izuhara, book designer, worked together over the past decade to produce Tasha Tudor books published by the Media Factory in Japan

Current Exhibit:

Tasha Tudor as a Young Mother
April 18 through November 17, 2014

This exhibit features a dozen black and white photos Nell Dorr, American photographer and a family friend of Tasha’s, took of Tasha in her 20s and her happy moments as a young mother. Also exhibited at the Mini-Museum are:

  • About 100 greeting cards Tasha designed.
  • Some 50 books Tasha wrote and/or illustrated, including the early editions of Calico Books and the books authored by her husband Thomas McCready.
  • A few original letters Tasha wrote, including mini-letters from her doll Emma to one of Tasha’s friends.
  • A few items Tasha crafted: a mini-basket, a doll with her bonnet, cape, and a two-piece dress all modeled in 1860s fashion.
  • Things to give the visitors a better idea of Tasha’s life: a replica of her settle chair, a book stand, a pair of beeswax candles, a tin-kitchen, some books Tasha loved, samples of advent calendars Tasha created for her children, etc.
  • Other reference material such as newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Photos of Tasha’s Corgi Cottage and the garden.