About the Museum

PumpkinMoonshineScan1Tasha’s illustrations, personality and lifestyle continue to entrance and inspire fans.  As time moves on, scholars and historians pursue research projects and more will want to be known about how and why Tasha accomplished all that she did.  Back in 2006, the founders decided the time was right, founded this Museum, and received federal exempt status in 2007, six months before Tasha passed away.

We can never have too much joy in the world. The Museum hopes to continue Tasha’s legacy of adding joy and celebration to the lives of all our visitors.

The current temporary space is intended to give visitors a flavor of what is to come.  Our small space contains a viewing area for the two PBS documentaries about Tasha’s life.  In 2014, we began serving Tasha’s signature tea.  The Museum creates a new exhibit each year, including original paintings, drawing, photographs, dresses and more.  Your children will enjoy a handful of activities which include a dress-up area, coloring tables, a dollhouse, reading Tasha’s books and more.  You will enjoy looking over the 75+ titles that we display in our reading collection.  And of course, we have a small Museum store.

You might enjoy seeing our future plans, shown below.



The Future Tasha Tudor Museum: Exhibition Space and Inn
The Tasha Tudor Museum is searching for a location on a major road, yet set apart, preferably in southern Vermont. We are looking for a two-story 19th century house that has the look and feel of the Tasha Tudor painting shown above. There should be enough land to house the activities shown below as well as parking for tour buses and vehicles.  The Museum will host the following activities:

The Future Tasha Tudor Museum