FAQs and Such

Is my membership current? Look at the back of your most recent newsletter. You’ll see a date printed there which reflects the date of your last donation.  Haven’t received a printed newsletter recently? Then it is probably time to renew!  You may also check your membership card for your membership expiration date.

Have I missed any newsletters? All newsletters of which we still have copies are available in the Tasha Tudor & Family online store. If we have missed a member mailing to you, please contact us.

May we see Tasha’s home while visiting the Museum, or even just see the outside of it?  Thanks for your interest, but the Museum is not located in Tasha’s home or even nearby.  The Museum is intended to function as an exhibition space and visitor’s center unless and until more access is created to Tasha’s home.   Tasha’s home is privately owned by her family who offer the extremely limited tours, Corgi Cottage Tours; Tasha’s Home and Gardens to accommodate a small portion of the visitation inquiries.  These tours sell out far in advance, usually in January for the summer and fall tours. All ticket sales support the maintenance of Tasha’s home.

How can I be sure to receive future newsletters?  We are simply overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response to our first newsletter which was issued in Winter 2011/2012. However, it is a costly undertaking!  As such, the Spring 2012 is the last newsletter that will be mailed to non-Society members. If you would like to continue receiving them, please become an annual member by joining our Tasha Tudor Museum Society Member, which includes a newsletter subscription and so much more!

I am a Charter Member, will I continue to receive the newsletters? Thanks to the generosity of you and other Charter Members, the Museum opened in 2010, mounted three exhibits, introduced a mailed newsletter, launched the Tasha Tudor Museum Society and so much more!  Charter Members will receive various benefits for years to come, including the Fall/Winter 2012 newsletter.  At the same time, we encourage you to support the Museum anew as we develop our annual Membership program, the Tasha Tudor Museum Society, in order to sustain the promising start of the Museum.

Why didn’t the Museum open in Tasha’s home?  Tasha’s home is located in a residential zoning area and as such, public access is very limited by the zoning regulations.  Even if such a thing were permitted, the subsequent improvements needed to accommodate visitors, such as widening the narrow road and a visitor’s center with restrooms, for instance, would irrevocably alter the very world the Museum seeks to preserve.  In addition, many people are unaware that Tasha’s home lies somewhat centered among the other the Tudor Family homes.  The neighboring family members value the solitude and stillness as much as Tasha did and have no wishes for development.  The Tudor Family continues to research sustainable preservation options for Tasha Tudor’s home and gardens, and at the same time, enjoys the ease of public access at the temporary West Brattleboro location, until a suitable permanent home is found.

When will the Tea House open?  Though we have created a business plan for the tea house, it is unlikely this will open until the Museum owns its own home.  If you haven’t already seen them, you might enjoy viewing the future dreams for the Museum.