Sustainer Membership

What is a Tasha Tudor Museum Sustainer?Print

A TTM Sustainer supports the Tasha Tudor Museum on monthly basis.   With uninterrupted membership, you never have to remember to mail in your annual check. Your on-going support provides a dependable and consistent revenue stream that helps ensure the future of the Tasha Tudor Museum.  We’ll send your benefits once a year and will automatically renew your annual membership.

How does it work?

If you’d like to use Paypal, click on the link below (Oops! This link is giving us trouble. Bear with us!) You choose which member level and select how you’d like to pay.  If you’d like to change your donation amount of if your life changes, you can change or suspend your Sustaining membership at any time. Just login to your paypal account and make the change.

If you’d like us to keep your credit card information on file, we’re happy to proceed that way.  If you have a Membership envelope (including in newsletters), please fill that out and mail it in.  You may also change your donations at any time when using a credit card, simply email us at

Become a TTM  Sustainer today!

Still have questions?  Contact us to learn more about TTM Sustainer Giving.